March 31, 2015




“Gallery 97 is a seasonal gallery in Peachland, BC that has been operating for 2 seasons from May to October. We have over 2000 square feet and represent between 80-90 artists, potters, sculptors and glass makers. All our talent are people from the Okanagan Valley. We have 2 shows a season and Rebekah as been the curator who works her magic in a spectacular, zen like trance while deciding where to showcase each art piece. She works with over 130 pieces of art of very distinct  styles, mediums and colors. Our customers and artists always give WOW feedback and compliments the curator. 
She manages her time of one day exceedingly well as she moves the art from one room to another, one wall to another, choosing the pieces that will draw people into the gallery and maximizing the talent of the creators. It is very intriguing watching the master canvas develop. It is very beneficial having an objective curator who is an artist herself and who understands composition elements when creating a vision for the whole Gallery! We highly recommend her skills, talent and interpersonal effectiveness. She is a great promoter of our gallery as well.”
– The Partners at Gallery 97



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