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Binder – the substance that holds the pigment particles together which then attaches them to a support or ground or paper

Chroma – the degree of saturation or intensity in a color

Composition – the artistic arrangement of the parts of a picture *


Hue – spectral color; used by artist material manufacturers to indicate the use of a substitute pigment (ie: Cadmium Yellow Hue)


Lightfastness – resistance to fading when exposed to light


Opacity – The opposite to transparency. Lighter tones are not created by thinning paint but by adding white.

Permanence – archival qualities


Pigment – solid colored material in the form of small particles


Saturation – the intensity of color


Shade – color mixed with black


Tint – color mixed with white


Tone – the degree of lightness or darkness of a color


Value – the extent to which a color reflects or transmits light

Glossary of Terms definitions taken directly from The Artist Handbook by Ray Smith (6)

* definition taken from the Apple Dictionary Widget

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Glossary of Color Theory Terms