Shades of BLACK and the Hex Codes


I have compiled the paint chips from 4 interior design websites to add to this post of shades of BLACK. I find it quite interesting how many BLACKS there are out there.

This is just scratching the surface but you can see how the tones and tints vary. When you line them up side-by-side the differences are more visible. If you were to paint these on a wall or look at the chip individually, chances are you would not detect anything but BLACK. But as you can see, these are far from pure BLACK.

The best way to choose a shade of BLACK is to look to see if the bias is warm or cool (see my blog posts What is Color Temperature and Why Is It So Important and How to Mix Paint Colors Without Creating Mud to understand color temperature and bias.)

I have included the hex codes in this post so that you can be sure to match any design project with a specific wall color.


(Obviously, I have not included all 10 from this website’s post. Mainly, because the paint chips would not be available in Canadian stores. But feel free to check out the rest by click on the graphics for the links to the websites.)