from one artist to another...

Welcome to my site! I am so glad you stopped by. Let me introduce myself. My name is Rebekah Wilkinson and I am a  artist with over 25 years of design experience. I love art and making stuff. And I can’t wait to help you make stuff too.  From one artist to another, this website is a collection of the things I have discovered over my years of being a practicing artist.  Let’s get the creative party started!

building YOUR creative dreams

ONCE UPON A TIME... there was a woman who loved to create. Instead she cooked, cleaned, and worked hard to keep her family safe. But inside she cried a little. Until one day, SHE DECIDED TO LET HER CREATIVITY WANDER. She let her imagination laugh and play. A magical thing was born, grew wings and took flight. The woman smiled beautifully and her glow radiated to all those around her.
"You are no doubt my best decision of 2018! I am so grateful for your kind spirit & fearless approach to everything we are doing. I look forward to working together in 2019!"
Liz Tremblay
"Rebekah did a fantastic job designing the cover for my recent album. From concept to completion she was great to work with, and translated my musical ideas into a gorgeous piece of original art; she also did a great job on the graphic design for the entire album cover. I'm thrilled with the result."
Ursula Pigeon
singer / song writer
"Rebekah was able to visualize the rough ideas we had in our heads and provide solid recommendations for turning them into a cohesive reality."
Kim & Keith Glover
restaurant owner