“Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” BY Betty Edwards

When I was little my dad had a white board hanging on his office wall. I loved to draw on it with his coloured dry erase markers.

My dad was not an artist but he used it to draw his vision for projects that could only be expressed using lines, simple written words, notes or flow charts.

As an adult when I worked at Fabricland, it was my job to talk with people about their home decor projects or fashion inspirations. I figured out how much fabric they needed. And sometimes a drawing was the only way to express ideas or needed measurements.

With a simple diagram of a bed, we could carry on a conversation about the head board or bed skirt without confusion.

When drawing is such a great way to communicate, why is it that drawing has become a thing for talented artists only?

Being an artist, I often have people telling me that they can’t draw. But really drawing is just like any other skill that can be learned and fostered. It just so happened that I nurtured and practiced this skill throughout my life.

Now is the time to start learning how to draw. If drawing is a skill that you would like to acquire may I suggest this fantastic book called “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” written by Betty Edwards.

It is so helpful and explains why drawing does not come naturally to most. It was so enlightening for me to start back at the basics. I highly recommend this great read. And who knows, if you put the effort into learning this new skill, you may become a master drawer after all.