Professional Longarming

So an exciting thing happened in the spring. I got a job at Cottage Quilting as their professional longarmer.

For those who don’t know what long arming is… it is basically doing the top stitch of a quilt using a long arm machine. A customer  builds the quilt top. But in order for it to turn into an usable quilt it needs to be put together with backing and batting, creating a sandwich of 3 layers. The 3 layers are held together with stitching. A long time ago, quilts were top stitched by hand in quilting bees or community groups. But in this day and age, the top stitching is done with a longarm machine.

It has been a fun learning curve for me  and I am able to help quilters complete their projects. I have also used my surface designing skills to design quilts of my own. The quilting industry in a fun, vibrant and creative community. 

I have decided to start a separate Instagram page just for all the long arming I have been doing. I have worked on soooo many quilts that I am starting to forget them all. So I thought this could be a visual diary of all the quilts I get to work on. My clients are super talented with their quilting abilities and I hope you will be able to find your own inspiration from this collection.