The Color Theory Blog Series focusing on JUST RED

Just red

Artists, have you ever gone to your paint box and looked at the array of colors to choose from, feeling overwhelmed at where the heck to begin with color theory?

Has your creative brain ever taken over during the midst of a painting and insisted you put a particular color on the canvas, only to see it was the wrong color? Ugh, that sucks.

Or, maybe you are not even an artist and the thought of color theory completely freaks you out. You have an urge to make something but you just don’t know where to begin.

The struggle is real, people, and we have all been there.

Because I am such a visual person, it took me a very long time to really grasp what every art instructor, art book or website has told me about color theory.

I am not great with memorization of definitions for terms that sound alien. Come on, “tetradic” is not a word I remember on my own because it’s never used in everyday conversation. The first thing that pops into my head is that “tetradic” is some kind of freaky dinosaur.

So, I decided to come at color theory from a different angle to see if any of this would become clearer or stick a bit longer in my sieve-brain.

Therefore, instead of trying to drink from a fire hydrant, as there is a ton of overwhelming information to absorb when it comes to color theory, I thought I would try to break the flow down into a much smaller stream.

What if we were to tackle color theory one color at a time? Seems like narrowing the focus could be a huge benefit to both you and to me. Are you game?


The other day, a lady came into Fabricland looking for help to find a piece of black fabric.

Being a sales associate in one of the largest fabric stores in Canada, not surprisingly, we actually get this all the time. I usually, chuckle to myself & wish them luck under my breath as we tour the store together.

Seriously, do you know how many black fabrics there are in this world?

You would think, as do most people, that the color black is just black. But no, sadly, that is not the case.

We looked and looked, trying to match the fabric she had brought in, without success. With every piece of fabric we noticed the tones were off, the shades were off. Looking through thousands of fabric bolts, she left disappointed and empty handed.

“So why is this?” I had to ask. This set me on a path to take a detailed look at one color at a time.

Through a series of blog posts, I plan to travel through the rainbow to see what I can find out about each individual color applying color theory as I go.

At the beginning stages of planning this blog series, I thought how difficult could this be? After all, there are only 6 colors in the rainbow.

But soon after I started researching this project, I have come to discover that I may have opened a Pandora’s box…

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