Fun Tips and Solutions for Storing Your Mountains of Yarn

Looking for ways to clean up your growing yarn stash? Here are some great tips and fun yarn storage solutions. suggests storing yarn in a well-lit location since bugs like the dark. If insects have gotten into your yarn stash, seal it in a plastic bag  and freeze for days to kill the bugs.

According to it is best to store yarn in hanks. Inside balled yarn, the yarn can become compressed  which may effect elasticity. Ball when you are ready to use. suggests that yarn is best stored in a pillowcase for long periods of time instead of plastic bags. Fabric is breathable versus plastic which can hold in moisture.

Visit to see how pretty yarn looks color blocked on a bookshelf.

This photo is from Why not turn your yarn stash into a piece of wall art?

Or do what did and utilize the space under your stairs for a designer storage space.

You could follow and repurpose a wine rack or an old CD tower for yarn storage.

Like storing fabric, you could turn crates into a bookshelf for storing yarn. Visit for pics and how to’s.

Why not crochet your own yarn storage pods or baskets? has lots of great pattern links. has lots of great suggestions too.

Doesn’t it just get your creative juices flowing to think of all the possibilities? If you have got any other great suggestions, leave them in the comments below.

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