How To Commission a Piece of Artwork

Have you ever considered commissioning a piece of art from an artist?

Commissions can be a little daunting as the artist becomes the vessel for which a client expresses their artistic desires which they cannot manifest themselves. At times, it can be difficult to capture what the client is after.

However, a commissioned piece of art is a great way of creating a personal connection to a piece of art. Images such as symbols, specific memories, favourite objects, favourite places, favourite flowers, etc… can be incorporated into a commissioned piece of artwork by the artist to provide that personal, one-of-a-kind experience. Words or specific colours can also be incorporated into a commissioned piece of artwork.

When commissioning a piece of artwork, it is important to do your research. You must consider the style and experience of the artist you are commissioning. For instance, if you commission an abstract painter to paint your family portrait, you may be disappointed with the outcome. Be sure to view their portfolio to define their style before entering into any agreement.

Clear communication by both parties is the key to a successful commission. Visual conversations can be difficult at times, so it is good to gather images that can be referred to in your discussions. Be prepared with your own vision of color suggestions, style and composition.

But then, it is very important that once you have expressed your desires to the artist to give the creative control back to the artist or the piece of art looses its life and vitality. You want to make sure the artist’s inspiration is not squelched or compromised.

Commissioning art requires a good working relationship between artist and client with trust and open communication.

A commissioned piece of art may not turn out exactly as you had initially envisioned or planned, and you must be prepared for that. It may (or may not) surpass your expectations. However, a commissioned piece of art is a great way to preserve sentiments for a lifetime.