So let’s see, what happened next? After I slayed the dragon, or for those just tuning in, I had just given a public speech proposing my mural project to the West Kelowna City Council. Sure, I celebrated the victory but then the real work began.

In my presentation, I told the city council that I was going to send out a call for mural design proposals in July. I knew that following through on my promise was what was going to make or break this project. So before I hopped on a plane for out vacation to Toronto, I pulled the details of my call together.

Working from my list of givens, I knew I wanted community participation so the mural design needed to be simple enough to execute with volunteers who might not have a lot of painting experience. The vision of this project was community, pulling people together to work on a common goal. I had supplies donated by the local businesses. I had the “ok” from the city council to help with installation. Next I needed to engage the local artists to come up with a design.

The theme for the mural, as was this entire project, was quite strategic. As decided upon in our coffee shop discussions, the purpose of this mural was to celebrate the new city status of West Kelowna. I could have chosen many different excuses to paint a mural but I knew that the municipality was proud of this growth and milestone. Since our new arts council wanted to engage our city office, I wanted to tap into this pride of place.

“New beginning” became the theme and artists were asked to design a mural along this line. I gave them some suggestions of a plant sprout or a flying bird to symbolize a new beginning just to get their creative juices flowing. And, I gave them a hard deadline for submission because I had planned to return to the city council in August for input in choosing a design.

I threw the call out into the wind, or uploaded it to the Internet, packed my bags and enjoyed a week on a dock in Ontario.

Now let’s be honest here… getting the word out takes a truckload of effort. No matter how many times you say something, there always will be people who haven’t heard your message. I knew this from working on previous projects. It was a risk to put a call out over the summertime when everyone is at the beach. But as I knew this mural was going to be created during Westside Culture Days at the end of September, my calendar would not give me any more days. I had to work within the timeframe laid out before me.

Next blog post, I will share if the risk paid off or not.