I am trying to be very transparent here so that anyone trying to create their own opportunity understands both the positive and negative aspects of a project so that fear doesn’t stop you in your tracks. Some may call it a failure. I call it a mere problem just waiting for a creative solution.

No, the risk of putting out a call during the summertime did not pay off as I had hoped.

I upload the call to my blog, to the SWAC website, to my personal Facebook account, to the SWAC Facebook account, to the Westside Artist Group Facebook account. The call went out to the SWAC email list and was mentioned in the Westside Weekly. A week out from the deadline, I returned to Facebook with reminders. All of this sound like it would be enough to spread the word but truth is that it wasn’t. I needed to increase my communication efforts beyond all of this that was done.

Or maybe there were simply very limited number of artists interested in creating a mural design. Instead of getting the 5-10 submissions I was hoping for, only 3 submissions came in. But does the low submission numbers make it a failure? Absolutely not! I still had 3 submissions to work with. If I had received 0 submissions, I still would not have called it a failure as then it would have cleared the playing field for my own personal mural design. If your fruit is a little more sour than expected, add a little sweetener and you get lemonade.

The beauty of creating your own opportunity is that you have complete creative control of what happens next. So instead of throwing in the towel out of frustration, I gathered together a Design Team of experienced artist who helped me amalgamate some of the designs and who came up with their original take on the mural theme. I also drew part of the designs myself. At the end of this process, I had gathered 4 fantastic designs that I was proud to bring back to council.

In the meantime, there were other areas of my planning process that felt like they were falling apart. In my next blog post, I will explain what was going on behind the scenes with the installation situation.