As you recall from my previous blog posts, there seems to be one glaring detail missing. This was with regards to the location of the mural installation.

When you take on a large project, you cannot possibly resolve all the details at once, but that should not be a factor from moving forward with your idea. Projects like this tend to take on a life of their own especially when you are dealing with multiple personalities and involvement levels. There are a lot of things that can be worked out as you go but you have to remember that things change and you need to remain flexible or your project will break.

From my 1st presentation, I had a commitment from the city council for them to help me with the mural installation. If I was to create this mural, they committed to hanging the artwork. I started the planning process with one location in mind. The RCMP building was a natural fit because of its visibility and central location in West Kelowna. The city owns this building but the RCMP is it’s sole tenant. I needed permission from the RCMP to hang this artwork on their walls.

The SWAC Chair met with the BC head of the RCMP to garner support and we spoke with the heads of the West Kelowna RCMP. In the meantime, the city was looking into the costs for installing this large artwork on the buildings façade.

The RCMP were fully supported of the artist merit of this project but were hesitant on it being relevant to the building’s use. And then city staff discovered that the siding of the building was made of unconventional material and would be a little more difficult to drill into as it would void the siding’s warranty and disrupt the vapor barrier.

As things were starting to feel a bit unstable with this particular location site, I decided to come up with a Plan B location as a safety net so that all my efforts would not be wasted. This was no easy task as I quickly learned that the City of West Kelowna owns very little property. And, this meant I had to let go of part of the original concept.

The week before I returned to city council to present the 4 fantastic mural designs, the city staff gave us a firm “no” on the RCMP building. I found myself sitting in my safety net but I was unclear of how stable this safety net was. So, I decided to focus on the positive of the mural designs for my 2nd presentation instead of putting a spotlight on this new development. You can view my 2nd presentation here… , go to Item 7.

After a unanimous vote, very unusual for this city council, I had tied down my safety net, as it would be very difficult for the city to back out now given the council’s enthusiasm for the project.

Now, I just needed to get this mural painted. Despite the bomb that blew up in my lap, I will tell you how I did it in the next blog post.