After the artwork has been created, do you consider the project complete? Actually, the answer is “no, not even close”. There is a lot that still needs to be done in order to call this project complete.

Here’s a list of things still on this project’s to do list…

  • transport the mural panels to storage for the winter – check
  • get a professional photo taken of the completed mural
  • confirm the installation location and costs
  • in the spring, have the mural installed, touched up, trimmed and varnished
  • plan a dedication ceremony inviting the city council and the public to see the completed mural in its permanent home.

I am sure this list will grow over the winter as new problems arise looking for solutions. But for now, I am going to take a bit of a break to catch my breath.

Someone suggested to me to write down my experience with this project as a way to document the things I had accomplished. As I sit here reflecting about the process and what still needs to be done, it is also a good record of what I would do different should I take on another similar project.

Sitting beside me is the front-page picture of my mural in the Westside Weekly and the article about my project in the Capital News. To visit the Global TV story on Westside Culture Days including my mural visit… , go to the 5 minute mark.

Of course, I am proud of what I have accomplished and look forward to the day when I pass by my mural. I have learned a thing or two about the process and about the people I can trust.

But honestly, I don’t feel any different. I would not consider myself to be overly organized or overly ballsy or even overly creative. I am just an artist who wants to see more art in my local environment. Instead of sitting back and waiting for this to materialize on its own and being frustrated when it wasn’t happening, I decided to create my own opportunity. Just think of how amazing this place would be, if each artist across Canada decided to create his or her own opportunity.

What I would consider to be my biggest accomplishment with this mural project is that I have left my mark. Now what about you? What amazing opportunity would you create? Let me know in the comments below.

PS. So the one piece missing from this retelling of my mural project story was where did the mural end up being installed?

As you recall, the location was one detail left until the bitter end. After the mural was painted during Westside Culture Days, West Kelowna took months to figure out where to install it.

Finally, the mural was installed on the Johnson Bentley Memorial Aquatic Centre the following spring. A dedication ceremony was held with the Mayor the following June. You can read about it here…