Why I do what I do – A Charity Highlight

Why do we do the things we do? Good question.

For me, I have always had a heart for artists. Not just because they are my colleagues and those I work closely with daily, but because I have a passion to see the art community thrive.

This extends outward from Canada, the country where I reside, into the global village.

I also lean towards a female perspective since this perspective is often overlooked globally.

Because of this, I have choose to support 2 charities with 10% proceeds of any product sales from my website.

Let me tell you a bit about these organizations, if I may.

Firstly, I would like to introduce you to Kainos Internatonal Ministries based out of Brampton, ON. This is a small charity whose reach is large.

Kainos is the Greek word for “new.” Thus, this charity works to get new efforts up and running leaving the long-term operations to others.

As an example of the efforts I directly support, Kainos has a special relationship with two orphanages in Myanmar. The emphasis for Kainos is to help the orphanages with new endeavours to develop self-sustaining properties and to teach the orphans how to make a way for themselves in the poverty-stricken land.

The project managers are native to Myanmar and teach the children how to work at brick making, farming of various sorts. A current emphasis is on producing clothing for sale in Myanmar. With provided resources such as sewing tools and supplies, these young people can form their own self-sustaining business and break the cycle of begging that is rampant for people without family connections.

To find out more about this ministry please visit their website at www.kainos.org.

The second charity I support through website sales is World Vision

This organization has been in existence since the 1950s and is currently providing aid in more than 50 countries. World Vision provides global relief, development and advocacy in its partner communities. They provide aid for disaster survivors and aim to reduce poverty through child sponsorship.

The proceeds from RAW Designs & Co. go directly to building wells and supporting impoverished artisans.

To find out more about this organization please visit their website at www.worldvision.ca.


I believe that the best support I can offer is by providing the tools and resources needed for self-sufficiency. I have chosen both of these organizations because they align with my own mission and heart.