Discover the Secret to Color Magic

Just Red

When we were in elementary school, most of us were taught very basic color theory.


But that is only part of the equation.

As is most learning at that stage, this is a very simplistic representation of reality and, frankly, there are missing components to this education that can confuse or frustrate most people into adulthood.

Have you ever painted your walls the completely wrong color, scaring you to choosing a plain neutral the next time?

Or, have you ever purchased a shirt only to realize it doesn’t go with the rest of your outfit, scaring you into only buying black clothing?

Just like artists who struggle finding the right color mix for their painting, we have all be there.

The average person does not continue passed this stage of childhood color theory. It is like the math lessons stopped at addition and didn’t continue into multiplication or division.

This perpetuates a fear of color. Many people throw their hands up in frustration and leave color theory to the artists.

Understanding color is not just for artists. We live in a very visual world. We know what doesn’t look right even if we don’t know why.

Not only, are most people missing out on deeper understanding of how we see our environment, but there are everyday applications that could help us incorporate more color into our lives.

Here are some practical examples of how color theory can benefit you…

  • deciding what colors go into your capsule wardrobe instead of filling the landfill with shirts that are the wrong color
  • deciding what color to paint your walls that will  accentuate the chair you fell in love with at Homesense
  • choosing the perfect cushion for your couch so that you don’t have to run back to the store when you bought the wrong tone or color temperature
  • helping you with your next craft , sewing or DIY project
  • helping with the frustration when the fabric store doesn’t have the exact match of fabric for your quilt project
  • choosing a painting that hangs over your desk at work
  • choosing the perfect flower to incorporate into you garden so it stands out instead of disappearing

… shall I continue or do you see how important color is to our everyday lives?

If we understood the magic of color, we wouldn’t be afraid to purchase expensive artwork as a financial investment. Politicians wouldn’t be afraid to commission community murals to liven up a drab wall. Galleries wouldn’t be forced to close because people are intimidated when they pass through the doors. Just saying…

We could all choose colors with confidence.


I have compiled a series of blog posts about color theory that will help shed light on the magic of color.

By taking a new approach and focusing on one color at a time, hopefully, the mystery of color will become a bit clearer.

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Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts when I dive into the rest of the rainbow. It should be fun! Who knows, maybe we will find a pot of gold!


Understanding color theory is not enough. It is the application of these theories that will solidify its concepts in your mind. “Practice makes perfect”.

And to help you out, I have developed the JUST RED 8-DAYS TO CHOOSING COLORS WITH CONFIDENCE WORKBOOK. Based on the color theories in the JUST RED BLOG SERIES, this workbook takes you through 8 days of exercises designed to put these theories into practice.