The Laundry Plot Thickens

So do you remember my laundry experiment from a few weeks ago? Click here for a refresher. Well to continue, the plot has thickened.

For about a month now, I have been doing “one load” of laundry per day without exception. That annoying chore that used to take away time and energy from my creating has turned into a extremely minor daily routine like brushing my teeth. No biggie.

Except now, I am seeing a new little 1st world problem emerge.

I mentioned to you before that because all of my clean clothes are stuffed into my drawers I need another purge. Let me explain what has happened.

So morning, I wash 5 items and fold yesterday’s 5 items. I go to put them away & I can’t open the drawer easily because of all the clean clothes. I am forced to jam the new clean outfit on the top.

But I can’t really see the stuff below so I tend to wear the same pjs or socks over and over again. Sometimes, I just put the same clean socks on my feet right from the drier. What’s the point of folding them when I need them right then anyway? Easy!

The stuffed drawer issue was putting pressure on another purge but I was putting it off because I had just purged a couple of bags full a few months ago.

I was sure there was nothing more I wanted to get rid of. Plus, I didn’t want to spend the time to clean out my closet again, which would be time away from creating.

Finally, I decided to apply the “power of one” to my purge. I would clean out one drawer per day.

Now if you are anything like me, I like my clothes. I have already gotten rid of all the ones I don’t like in my previous purges. So what the heck would I be willing to part with?

Being a dance/hockey mom for the past 15 years, our family has lived in the competition world. Every season would start with auditions or tryouts. It would always suck if my kids weren’t chosen for the one open spot. But such is life.

Using this method, I decided to hold my own clothing audition. I separated my drawer of items into 2 piles.

One was my absolute, non-questionable favorites. The other pile was my “second-string” items. You know the stuff I’m talking about… they are still really nice but are just slightly off in color, fit or size.

I put the absolute favorites back into the drawer and loved how easily the drawers closed.

I piled the “second-string” selections aside but wouldn’t force them out until I knew I could part with them. I continued through this daily purge one-drawer at a time.

Then, I started putting likes with likes. This is where things again got very interesting.

I hadn’t realized how many t-shirts I really owned because of all the clutter. Kind of like not being able to see the forest for the trees.

I also noticed I had an entire drawer of plaid pj bottoms. Do I really need 7 pair, considering I can only wear 1 pair at a time and my clothes are always clean?

The “second-string” pile started to quickly loose it’s need-factor. I also really enjoyed having drawers I could open & close with little effort. I could finally see what I had.

There would be no problem letting go of the “second-string” pile as the attachment had been released.

There would be no sacrifice, since I would be living with my non-questionable favorites.

To be honest, I resisted this part of the experiment. But it wasn’t until I went through the process that I realized the bottom line.

I actually have everything I need and this will be much simpler to manage. I feel lighter already!