The World Needs More Art

Do you know what I think? I think the world needs more art. Period. Without color or pattern, the world can be very bland. Without creativity, the world can be repetitive and boring. 

Art makes us think, dream and escape into a world from our imagination where anything is possible. In our imaginations, we can be the people whomever we want to be. We can live the life we want to live. We can live without limitations or constraints. We can be free.

There is no secret meaning or hidden importance to art. Art doesn’t have to be confusing even if it makes us scratch our head. Art is merely a visual representation of that world from our imagination. Instead of writing about that world, a painting can show the picture in our minds. It is a visual journal of our thoughts. It is a line around an artists ideas. 

The world right now, with all its protesting, is heated with a tremendous lack of understanding. And frankly, the only way to understanding is to express our thoughts whether it be through words, lines or utilizing our bodies in gatherings. The more we express, the more we can get our ideas out to the outside world. 

In a world that is confused, it is up to all creatives to express their artistic voices so that concepts become clearer. It is our job to find and search for our individual voices so that we can be heard.

Just because a piece of art has been created doesn’t mean that it will impact everyone. Art needs to be expressed in so many different ways for the message to become clear. For instance, a book may resonate with one person but fall flat with another person. One person may love an art’s concept where another person just doesn’t get it. 

To complicate matters, we are also living in a world that is saturated by visual media. With all the visual clutter, it is difficult for our message to be seen. But just because it seems like everything has been “said”, drawn or painted, doesn’t mean it has been “said”, drawn or painted by YOU. 

There is no one else on the plant who is just like you. You have a unique set of influences, talents and tastes with a unique set of genes. All of this encompasses who you are, what you are passionate about and what you believe in. You have a distinct perspective that only you can express. 

Have you ever felt like you have come to the end of the internet? You are flipping through Netflix looking for something to watch. You pass by the things you find boring, you pass by the things you have already seen. You switch to a different platform, searching for something to grab your attention but nothing does. 

This happened to me and my husband, the other night, actually. We were looking through lists of movies that we would both want to watch. This is no easy task for us. We never can seem to find something to watch that will appeal to both of our tastes. Most times we just give up and go to our separate devices to bing watch on our own because we simply can’t find a movie that encompasses both our tastes.

That tells me that there simply isn’t enough films created yet. My husband and I need more movies to choose from to find that common ground. Films are just one form of art that is main stream in our culture.

What about photography? Photography is another form of art. Have you ever tried to find the perfect photograph that conveys a message you are trying to get across? It can be quite difficult at times to find that perfect photo even though sites are full of stock images.

Have you ever tried to find the perfect painting to display over your couch? Have you ever tried to find a novel interesting for you to read? Even though we have more options than ever before, sometimes we can’t find what we are craving. 

The world needs more art. And now, that the world is consuming art more than it ever has before, we need even more art to keep up with the demand. 

This is the main reason I started my blog so many years ago. I wanted to pass on the things I have discovered about creating art or creating an art business. There are tips I have learned that I hope can benefit your creative process. Some may work for you, others may not. There may be topics I haven’t covered yet.

Creating art is not easy. Our creative minds are constantly full of doubts and overwhelm. With my posts, I want to encourage you to continue with your creative expression. I want to help you remove the blocks that stop us from creativity because the world needs your art. We need to see your thoughts. Keep creating. Your artistic message is vital. Please don’t ever forget it.