What To Do With Excess Art Supplies

So you are ready to purge all the art supplies you have collected and sorted. Anyone used to buying from the craft industry knows how expensive creative tools and supplies are. Please don’t fill up the landfill with the excess. There are so many great organizations that could put it all to good use. Here’s a list of 10 Canadian organizations that collect donated art supplies.

Artbridges.ca sends boxes of art supplies to people who could use them.

World Vision is an established organization that provides aid to countries around the world and support repurposed inventory delivery including art & crafts supplies.

Artheart.ca is a Toronto based organization that provides free art classes to those in need.​

The Carnegie Community Centre, run through the City of Vancouver, collects gently-used musical instruments, art & craft supplies for their programs.

Quilts of Valour donates quilts to injured soldiers. 

Our Social Fabric recycles textiles. 

Urban Source is a Vancouver store that sells alternative art materials.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada accepts donations of arts and craft supplies for their programming.

The Art Supply Exchange is a Regina based store that exchanges second hand materials.

Crafting For A Cure provides craft-kits to Emergency rooms, clinic treatment rooms and operating waiting rooms across Canada.

Now doesn’t that feel good! After donating, sit back and enjoy all the creative space you have made. Soak it in. Let the creativity wander through the space. And don’t forget to remember this feeling when it piles up again. This feeling of freedom will be enough for you to want to do it all over again.